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Munich Finest: Lebensgeschichten und Interviews mit interessanten Menschen in München


Vlad Stepanov – einfacher Aufsteiger

Vlad Stepanov brachte das Outsourcing zurück nach Deutschland. Zusammen mit Thomas Hoefkens gründete er vor zwei Jahren das M Outsourcing Center, das maßgeschneiderte IT-Lösungen entwickelt und das IT Outsourcing betreut.


DJ Jay Scarlett at the Forefront

Jay Scarlett
Allow me to introduce DJ Jay Scarlett. Actually, this man doesn’t really need an introduction. He has been active and at the forefront of the electronic music scene for about 20 years.


Ray Moore from Mississippi to Munich

Ray Moore
Ray Moore first came to Germany on a completely different mission – to serve in the US Military. While stationed in Germany, Ray – fascinated with cars racing up and down the Autobahn – grew fond of Germany.

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